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Urashima Taro

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Urashima Taro
By Yuka Okuno

One day, a boy named Urashimataro was walking on the beach. He saw some ruffians bullying a turtle. Urashimataro helped the turtle. In the evening the turtle came back to the beach to thank Urashimataro.

Urashimataro rode on the turtle's back and dove into the deep sea. They arrived at the gate of Ryugujo, an underwater castle. A beautiful woman called Otohime welcomed them. They treated Urashimataro very kindly. Urashimataro stayed with them at Rugujo for quite a while until one day, he remembered his family and wanted to go back home. The turtle and Otohime bid him farewell and Otohime gave him a big treasure box. But she told him not to open it.

Urashimataro returned home. He wondered what was in the box, so he opened the box anyway. Then he became an old man in an instant.

Although Urashimataro had thought he had only been gone a few days, it was actually many years. Otohime had kept his old age in the box.

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