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The Peach Boy

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The Peach Boy
By Chizuru Shiraga

Once upon a time there was an old man and an old woman. One day, the old man went to the mountain and the woman went to the river to wash clothes. Just then, she saw a peach running with the current in the river.

The old woman brought the peach home. She cut the peach in half. Suddenly, a boy jumped out of the peach!

His name was "Momotaro" or, the Peach Boy. He grew up to be big and strong. One day, demons invaded his village. The entire village was very troubled.

Momotaro had an idea. He asked his mother to make "kibidango."

"I will go to Onigashima to fight the demons on their own territory!" he said. He took the kibidango his mother made for him to eat along the way.

A dog, monkey and pheasant accompanied him to Onigashima. They ate kibidango along the way.

When they arrived in Onigashima, the dog bit the demons, the pheasant pecked the demons and Momotaro fought against the demons with his sword. Finally, the demons gave up and Momotaro and his small army won! They went back to their village victorious.

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